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About Icey Designs

It all started with the library. When Hafsah was sixteen, her love for books led her to the local library's teen blog. Their 'review a book, get a book' program was something to look forward to every month. But once a month wasn't enough.

In September of 2010, she started IceyBooks, a blog dedicated to reviewing YA fiction. Her blog grew quickly, and her sister Asma, joined as a co-blogger some years later.

Blogging about books gave Hafsah an outlet for her first love: designing. She's been coding since the age of thirteen, and thanks to a father with a talent in interior designing, she now designs and pieces together code to create functional works of art. What started as inexpensive designs for her blogging friends soon became something more. She quickly found her niche in designing stunning websites for publishing professionals, from debut writers and startups to New York Times bestselling authors.

In Summer of 2015, Hafsah grabbed a pen and started doodling—there's just something magical about bringing words to life visually. It was supposed to be a creative outlet for her creative outlet of designing. Weeks later, colorful, hand-lettered journals were born.

Now, from our home-based studio in Dallas, Hafsah continues to design websites, but also letters quotes, curates colors, and puts together new pieces, while her mom, sews and trims stacks of paper, resulting in gorgeous journals and planners made just for you. Our materials are carefully procured to ensure they are made right here in the US, and we've since expanded to candles, enamel pins, pillow cases, literary tiles, and more.

We pride ourselves in inspirational goodies, knowing that at this very moment someone is parting the pages of an IceyDesigns journal and recording their thoughts.

And we wouldn't have it any other way.



May 2014, Hafsah was a speaker at the BEA Bloggers Conference at the Javits Center, New York.
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